Education is Key to Improving Hepatitis B Vaccination Rates


Resources with pertinent information are essential in motivating individuals to comply with vaccine recommendations.

Health officials have called attention to the discouraging reports that hepatitis B (HBV) vaccination coverage continues to fall short of goals since the vaccine was developed over three decades ago in 1986.

In addition to controlling the spread of the HBV, the vaccine was the first to prevent one type of cancer giving hope that others can be developed to address other diseases.

Over the years, major media campaigns have encouraged everyone to be HBV vaccinated against a virus that attacks the body's internal life creating and support system, the liver and hundreds of its cells. Unfortunately, the liver is its own worst enemy. Hidden under the ribs, it is incapable of eliciting pain or other warning signs to alert its owner.

However, most people are totally unaware of their liver or how it performs. This information is essential to empowering and motivating people to get vaccinated.

Educating the masses with pertinent information is essential in motivating individuals to comply with recommendations. Without the protection of the HBV vaccine and lacking liver information, they may unknowingly continue to participate in liver damaging activities that expose them to hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer and the development of numerous other liver related diseases that can lead to other potentially preventable diseases.

For example, this podcast hosts an interview with Joshua Sharfstein MD, vice dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Sharfstein explains complex liver functions in a personalized, relatable, and understandable manner that provides individuals with important information. In addition, there are educational resources for various ages on our website. Children can learn about their liver from a happy little liver character that teaches them about it in a coloring book, Liv and Lucky in Liverland.

The Liver Health Initiative can help in providing education and information. Interested parties can also call 301-625-9076 to schedule a meeting.

This article originally appeared on Contagion Live.

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