Drug Topics survey: R.Ph.s give thumbs down to Mevacor OTC


Drug Topics' poll finds pharmacists against Mevacor going OTC.

In December, Drug Topics conducted an online instant poll asking pharmacists, Should Mevacor (lovastatin) go over-the-counter? Of the 639 votes cast, 59% said, No, the drug is not safe enough to go OTC, even at a lower dosage. Eleven percent of respondents said Yes, more patients will be able to use it to reduce their cholesterol levels; 9% said No, it could expose pharmacies to the risk of greater liability; 8% said No, there?s not enough evidence of the effectiveness of a lower dose; 6% said Yes, having it as an OTC will help reduce healthcare costs; 5% said Yes, the statin is safe enough to be used as directed; and 2% said they don?t know.

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