Drug Topics' CPE accreditor begins 3-year AACP service

Jill Fitzgerald, PharmD, who is Drug Topics' CPE accreditor, was sworn in as chair-elect to the AACP Continuing Professional Education Section.

Fitzgerald is director of Pharmacy Professional Development and assistant clinical professor at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, in Storrs, Conn.

Now beginning her 3-year term, Fitzgerald is responsible for the development of programming for next year's annual meeting as it relates to the Continuing Professional Education section.

Fitzgerald and her office serve in the role of accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education activities for Drug Topics magazine.

Together, the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy and Drug Topics have joined forces to offer a new Continuing Pharmacy Education opportunity, providing up to 23 CPE credits of knowledge-, application-, and practice-based activities, with the new "Medication Therapy Management CPE Series" that commences in September 2012.