APhA “Perennial Favorite” New Drug Review Covers 15 FDA Approvals


The drugs treat a range of conditions, including migraine, Alzhiemer disease, and actinic keratosis.

In 2021, there were 50 new drugs approved for marketing by the FDA. The good news, though, said Dan A. Hussar, PhD, Dean Emeritus and Remington Professor Emeritus at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, is that his presentation would not make an attempt to cover them all.

Instead, Hussar selected 15 drugs across a variety of conditions—ranging from acne vulgaris to ADHD to multiple sclerosis—to cover during his presentation at the APhA 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition, described as an “ever-popular” perennial review. “I’ve selected 15 of the new drugs that I think will be of interest for the largest number of attendees,” he said. “As they say in the advertisements of prescription drugs, your experience may vary.”

In addition to information on dosing, advantages, and contraindications and risks, Hussar graded each new drug based using his New Drug Comparison Rating system: a 1 through 5 scale, with 5 representing an important advance in treatment and 1 representing an important disadvantage.

Before he began, Hussar reminded those present that the ratings are based on his opinions. “Perspectives and experience may result in different observations. That’s one of the things I find so exciting and dynamic about drug therapy. There can be different preferences, different perspectives, on which drug is best for a particular condition or particular patient, and there can be quite a bit of latitude.”

Scroll through the slideshow below to learn more about the new drugs discussed during Hussar’s presentation.

Slideshow: Fifteen New Drugs Approved in 2021


Hussar DA. New drugs of 2021. Presented at: American Pharmacists Association 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition; March 18-21, 2022; San Antonio, TX

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