Alabama pharmacist disarms drowsy robber


A potentially dangerous situation was diffused by a quick-thinking pharmacist.

A potentially dangerous situation was diffused when a quick-thinking Alabama pharmacist convinced an armed robber to release four hostages, and then disarmed the man as he fell asleep.

According to police, 28-year-old Christopher Trail on June 9th attempted to rob the Redmont Pharmacy in Red Bay, Alabama. He forced four pharmacy employees into a back room, and then demanded drugs from pharmacist Donna Weatherford.

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"We were praying," Jessica Young, a pharmacy employee told WAFF. "We were all praying."

While the other hostages were praying, Weatherford convinced Trail to let them go. He let them go, but held Weatherford at gunpoint for two hours.

Weatherford reportedly told Trail that he could have anything he wanted in the pharmacy. He requested drugs, she supplied them, and Trail began taking them. He then reclined in two chairs and began to dose off.


Police said Trail eventually fell asleep, at which point Weatherford took the shotgun from him and walked out of the pharmacy.

"It's so wonderful that everybody got out safe... I can't say enough about the pharmacist that was here,” said J.C. Weeks, the pharmacy’s owner. “She controlled the situation all the time, she talked him into releasing the other hostages, and she stayed with him until he was able to be apprehended." 

Trail was taken into custody. "It was just a high intense situation and we had a lot of people in the community praying for this situation,” Red Bay Chief of Police Jana Jackson said. “We just thank God everybody was safe."

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