160th anniversary quiz results


For the answers to the the pharmacy history quiz questions, read on.

Drug Topics’ 160th anniversary last month featured a brief quiz on pharmacy history. Here are the answers that earned $50 gift cards for three randomly selected winners.

Q and A

1. The first American apothecary, who set up shop in 1605, was from France.

2, The first pharmacist in the Americas was licensed in New Orleans, La., in 1769.

3. Liquor Erogtae Purificatus was a product of Parke, Davis & Co.

4. The drugstore that introduced the malted milkshake was Walgreens.

5. In 1955, U.C. San Francisco created the first 6-year PharmD degree.

And the winners are ...

The randomly selected winners of the 160th Anniversary pharmacy history quiz are Judith Chioli, PharmD, CGP, Columbia, Md., and Brittany March, PharmD, Beaver, Penn. A third winner had not responded by press time.

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