Author | Susan J. Bliss, RPh, MBA


Eye on ethics: Whose prescription is it anyway?

February 11, 2008

Pharmacists must observe HIPAA regulations and also have a clear duty to warn patients.

Eye on ethics: Dealing with a problem R.Ph.

March 05, 2007

The district manager of your chain pharmacy searched for a new pharmacist for months, and finally hired someone you know casually. You are assigned to train the new pharmacist before he joins the float pool. During his first few weeks, your lead technician has caught several errors made by this professional, and you have intercepted errors yourself. The manager doesn't respond to your e-mails of concern. What do you do?

No co-pay, no drug: Right or wrong?

December 11, 2006

Q: Medicare Part D patients are often unprepared for the realities of the new drug plan. If a dual-eligible patient can't cover his co-pay, should the pharmacist send the patient home without the drug?