Author | Mari Edlin


Collaborative practice agreements

November 13, 2013

When pharmacists manage drug therapy for physicians, diabetes patients see a significant improvement in key measures.

Cultural competency means better patient service

June 15, 2012

Pharmacists who practice cultural awareness can deliver better patient care and bring about better outcomes

Cardiometabolic disorders: The pharmacist's role

September 04, 2009

The term "cardiometabolic disorders" (CMD) refers to a cluster of interrelated risk factors (hypertension, elevated fasting glucose, reduced high-density lipoprotein, elevated triglycerides, and abdominal obesity) that promote the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. With an estimated 47 million Americans facing increased risk of heart disease because of these conditions, management of patients' CMD is a priority for pharmacists.

Medication therapy management: Commercial programs pick up speed

August 10, 2009

Commercial medication therapy management programs are gaining in strength and popularity for medical, financial, and practical reasons. In Minnesota, a pilot program for state employees was so successful that two years later it expanded into a program for all fully insured members. Another program is in use by Minnesota Medicaid and General Mills. And in North Carolina, the Asheville Project is still going strong.