Author | Jill Sederstrom


Research Finds New Vaccine Strategy Could Improve, Sustain Protection Against HIV

June 24, 2020


Researchers have discovered a new type of vaccination, which has been tested in monkeys, that could improve and sustain protection against HIV.

Pharmacies Prepare For Possible Surge In Flu Vaccinations This Season

June 15, 2020


Pharmacies are preparing for what is expected to be a surge in flu vaccinations this year as Americans are putting a greater focus on staying healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Investigators Hope To Make New Improvements to 100-Year-Old Vaccine

May 14, 2020


Investigators are looking for a new way to improve upon a 100-year-old vaccine.

New Vaccine Delivery Method May Yield Clinical Advantages, Reduced Costs

May 13, 2020


Investigators are developing a new needle-less vaccine delivery method that would eliminate the need for refrigeration and could significantly reduce costs associated with immunizations.