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Check out these featured Drug Topics expert interviews from May 2024.

Pharmacists Play Key Role in Warning Public About Dangers of Tianeptine Misuse

Voices in Pharmacy: May 2024 Expert Interviews / Light Field Studios - stock.adobe.com

Voices in Pharmacy: May 2024 Expert Interviews / Light Field Studios - stock.adobe.com

Savannah Roberts Clary, PharmD, BCPS, CPGx, a clinical pharmacist with Aegis Sciences Corporation, discusses the potential dangers of tianeptine, how pharmacists can manage a patient who may be misusing tianeptine, how pharmacists can help warn the public about the potential hazards of tianeptine, and where pharmacists can go to learn more about tianeptine.

Podcast: Litigation Lawyer on PBMs and Defending Independent Pharmacies

In a conversation with Drug Topics, Mark Cuker, an experienced litigation lawyer, discussed his experience defending independent pharmacies against pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and what the future holds for independent pharmacies and PBM regulation.

Q&A: How Coffee Helped This Pharmacy Improve Front-End Sales

Chris Schaffner is a pharmacist by trade, but he also serves as the owner of Apothecary Coffee, a co-located coffee shop attached to his other business, Schaffner Pharmacy. Opening the pharmacy in 2018 and the coffee shop in 2022, Schaffner and his staff have achieved great success in the community pharmacy industry.

How Community Pharmacists Can Personalize Skin Awareness Counseling

In the community pharmacy setting, pharmacists are frequently approached by patients seeking guidance on a variety of skin-related issues. According to Colleen McCabe, PharmD, BCOP, oncology clinical specialist in adult melanoma and sarcoma at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center, these encounters represent powerful opportunities to educate patients on sun protection and skin cancer awareness.

Expert: Education of Providers, Patients Key to Biosimilar Uptake

Fran Gregory, PharmD, MBA, vice president of emerging therapies at Cardinal Health, sat down with Drug Topics at AXS24, the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, to dive deeper into biosimilars and examine the important role that pharmacists play in their uptake.

Incentives Drive Provider, Patient Biosimilar Adoption

Lakesha Farmer, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, ION Oncology Practice Network at Cencora, talks about how manufacturers have implemented a variety of unique pricing incentives and strategies to incentivize biosimilar adoption.

Siloed Systems Hinder Patient Care

Autumn Zuckerman, PharmD, BCPS, CSP, Director, Health Outcomes at Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy, sat down with Drug Topics at AXS24, the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, held April 28 to May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to talk about the siloed approach to patient care.

Video: The Inflation Reduction Act in 2024 and Beyond

Corey Ford, Vice President of Reimbursement and Policy Insights at Cencora, discusses the potential future challenges associated with the Inflation Reduction Act.

Specialty Drug Market Continues Upward Growth Trend

Natalie Bedford, Senior Vice President of US Pharmaceutical Distribution Services at McKesson, sat down with Drug Topics at AXS24, the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit to discuss the growth associated with specialty drug products.

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