Immunization Options for Vaccine-Preventable Disease


In this clip from the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners in New Orleans, Mary Koslap‐Petraco DNP, PNPPC‐BC, CPNP, FAANP of Stony Brook University School of Nursing and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner House Calls explains 2 new vaccine-preventable disease treatment options that will be available soon.


Mary Koslap-Petraco, DNP: Well, there are 2 new vaccine-preventable disease options that are on the horizon. There is a new anti-viral that was just was just recently licensed for when someone comes with influenza. The only issue for children is that it's only licensed for 12 years of age and older, but it has a very low side-effect profile. The other issue with it also is that-it might even be better than some of the old anti-virals, because it decreases the time of illness by 54 hours, rather than the 24 hours that we had with the previous anti-virals. It's also effective against some of the virus strains that are now starting to show some resistance to some of the older anti-viral drugs.

The other drug that is on the horizon is the RSV vaccination. We never had RVS vaccination before, and this drug that they're working on now is going to be only one shot. Of course for the high-risk babies first, but it may be even broader than that, but it's being fast-tracked through the FDA, which will be wonderful for those babies that are at-risk for RSV disease. 

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