USP finalizes Chapter (797) on compounding sterile preparations


USP Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding-Sterile Preparations revision finalized

U.S. Pharmacopeia's Sterile Compounding Expert Committee (SCC) has completed the review and revision of Chapter (797) Pharmaceutical Compounding — Sterile Preparations. The revised chapter has been posted onU.S. Pharmacopeia's Web siteas a Revision Bulletin to allow practitioners the opportunity to review and assimilate the content of the chapter before it becomes official on June 1, 2008. It will be published in Second Supplement to USP 31 — NF 26, and in the Pharmacists' Pharmacopeia. Once the chapter becomes official in June of 2008, the current version in USP 31 — NF 26 will no longer be the official chapter.


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