Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit CE Sessions Available On Demand at AdvanCE


CE sessions from the Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit are now on demand.

Did you miss the two CE sessions featured at the Total Pharmacy Solutions Summit on April 30? Click here to access the sessions today.

About the Sessions

A Pharmacist’s Guide to Preventing Medication Errors in the Pharmacy

Medication is a dangerous problem in pharmacy. Giving a patient the wrong dose or wrong medication entirely can result in severe adverse effects. It is important to utilize high-, medium-, and low-level risk reduction strategies. Understanding high-alert medications and minimizing harm are essential practices in the pharmacy. This program will help participants identify high-alert medications and the consequences of an error, examine the common types of medication errors seen in the pharmacy, and determine the hierarchy of medication error prevention strategies.

Incorporating REMS Programs into the Pharmacy Process

Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS) are strategies designed to help reduce the occurrence or severity of particular serious adverse events. REMS are an essential part of patient safety and pharmacy practices in general. Without REMS, some medications would be otherwise unavailable, either not receiving initial approval or being withdrawn from the market. In this program, participants will learn to explain the components of REMS programs, identify the types of medications that require REMS programs, and explore the role of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician to implement practical approaches to enroll patients into the REMS programs.

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