Three New Digital Tools for People with Diabetes


People with diabetes and health-care professionals have more options for managing their care as more companies create high-tech tools for them. Now, three recently-launched tools and apps will provide more help to pharmacists so that they can help people with diabetes in managing their disease.

With a myriad of high-tech tools having come out in the past two years, people with diabetes and health-care professionals have many options for managing their care. Now, three recently-launched tools and applicationss will provide more help to pharmacists so that they can help people with diabetes in managing their disease.

Novo Nordisk and Glooko

Novo Nordisk and Glooko said they will work together to deliver personalized digital health solutions for people with diabetes. Building on Glooko’s mobile and web platforms, the two companies aim to help diabetics with blood sugar management and treatment adherence. “The partnership’s joint offerings will also assist health-care professionals to engage and manage patients with the aid of population-wide data reporting,” the two companies said in a statement.

Denmark-based Glooko enables people with diabetes to more easily track and better manage their condition using mobile, web, and cloud technology. Its mobile health app enables individuals to synchronize their data from a majority of the popular diabetes and exercise devices, including blood sugar monitors. “Glooko’s partnership with Novo Nordisk aims to empower tens of millions of patients with digital tools to make diabetes management easier”, said Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO. “We look forward to delivering jointly-branded capabilities that will enhance the collaboration between patient and health-care professionals and enable us to provide joint offerings to people living with diabetes around the world.”

Blue Mesa

Blue Mesa Health recently rolled out Transformemos, a digital diabetes prevention program for the Hispanic/Latino community. “Transformemos is a digital diabetes prevention program based on our already-successful behavior change program: participants receive a wireless scale and Fitbit in the mail, pair up with a dedicated Spanish-speaking health coach, join a community of Spanish-speaking peers and embark on a health journey based on the CDC’s Prevenga El T2 Spanish language curriculum,” Blue Mesa Health said in a statement.

Blue Mesa’s current Transform digital diabetes prevention program is used by hundreds of individuals, according to the company.


The FDA recently granted WellDoc, a digital health tech company, 510(k) class II clearance for a nonprescription version of the BlueStar® digital therapeutic. The tech provider can now offer the technology through additional channels to adults living with type 2 diabetes, according to a WellDoc statement. “We can now integrate BlueStar® more seamlessly into the health-care ecosystem, as we commercialize the product and significantly scale it by working with our existing partners as well as others with which we are actively engaged.” said Kevin McRaith, WellDoc President and CEO.

Now that this clearance has been granted, WellDoc will offer BlueStar® and BlueStar® Rx. The nonprescription version will have all the features of BlueStar® Rx, but not an insulin calculator. BlueStar® Rx will continue to include an insulin calculator for users to access and support their mealtime insulin-dosing calculations.

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