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Coronavirus Research News

The CDC estimates that nearly 60% of US adults have received at least 1 COVID-19 vaccine as of this article’s press time. Keeping up with pandemic news is more important than ever, so check back to Drug Topics® to stay informed on the latest coronavirus-related news and research.

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The Latest from Total Pharmacy® highlights CBD for Women’s Health: A Profit Opportunity for Pharmacies

OTC cannabidiol (CBD) is often touted for its uses in pain management, anxiety relief, and sleep. However, the popular cannabinoid has been shown to benefit women’s health, too––an opportunity that pharmacies can leverage as a cash-based revenue strategy.

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Drug Topics® Journal, May 2021 Digital Edition

The May 2021 digital edition of Drug Topics Journal is now available on In this issue, you’ll find great insights into digital health tools for diabetesmanagement of rheumatoid arthritis, and integrating pharmacists into the stroke care team. Our cover story dives into how pharmacists can address the mental health burden in their patents and communities.

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Medical World News Updates

In an interview with Drug Topics®, Dennis O’Neill, co-founder and president of Biomedican, will be talking about biosynthesized psychedelic treatments on the horizon and their treatment potential for mental illnesses.

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Now On Demand: A Look at the Policy Changes Affecting Independent Pharmacies

In this episode of our Over the Counter podcast, Jonathan Kurtz, chief executive officer of Omega Pharmacy Group, and Anthony Reznik, director of government and public affairs with Omega Pharmacy Group, walk us through industry trends such as Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS), COVID-19 vaccination, and direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees, as well as their own efforts to influence legislation on some of these issues.

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The Latest In Migraine: Migraines Cause Significant Workplace Burdens

Migraines are the leading cause of days lost due to disability, yet many individuals with migraines do not seek care.

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This Week on Total Pharmacy®

In an upcoming video interview, Dan Singh, owner of Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy, will be highlighting his store in Stafford, Virginia, and some of the really inspiring stories he has about giving back to his community amid the pandemic.

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In Case You Missed It: Direct Pharmacist Interventions Confront Health Disparities in Underserved Areas

A session at the 2021 Pharmacy Quality Alliance Meeting explored the results of Walgreens’ recent initiatives focused on addressing social determinants of health.

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