This Week on Drug Topics: August 30 to September 3


Here’s a preview of the featured content to watch for this week on Drug Topics®.

COVID-19 Coverage:

Stay tuned for the latest COVID-19 news coverage in pharmacy.

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Legislation Affecting Pharmacists:

Stay tuned for coverage on legislation circulating the House and Senate regarding DIR fees and PBM transparency with drug costs.

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NACDS Total Store Expo Conference Coverage:

Stay tuned for the latest coverage on the 2021 NACDS Total Store Expo this week.

NACDS Total Store Expo 2021 Highlights Pandemic Successes, the Future of Pharmacy

NACDS Total Store Expo 2021 proved to be a success, with speakers covering key issues related to the pandemic, vaccine rollout, the changing health care landscape, and opportunities for growth.

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Part 1: Tune into Consumer Demands to Achieve Success in Your Pharmacy

“If you follow the shopper, you will see the future,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO and chief shopper at WSL Strategic Retail, during a session at the 2021 NACDS Total Store Expo.

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Thoughtspot Conference Coverage:

Check out the latest coverage of Thoughtspot 2021 coming up this week.

ThoughtSpot 2021 Series: Reducing Health Disparities

As part of our ThoughtSpot 2021 podcast series, guest host Dr. Lonie Haynes leads the conversation with diversity experts on how pharmacists can work to reduce health disparities.

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ThoughtSpot 2021 Sizzle Reel

Check out some of the highlights from this year's virtual ThoughtSpot conference and trade show.

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The latest from Total Pharmacy®:

Benefits of Pharmacogenetic Testing for Independent Pharmacists

A study conducted looked at pharmacists’ experiences delivering pharmacogenetic testing in independent community pharmacies.

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In Case You Missed It: Half of pediatric opioid prescriptions are high risk

Many pediatric opioid prescriptions are high risk and leave children at risk of overdose and side effects like constipation.

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