This Week on Drug Topics: August 2 to August 6


Here’s a preview of the featured content to watch for this week on Drug Topics®.

Expert Interviews: Part 2: Physician 360 and the Benefits of Telemedicine for Pharmacists

In this interview with Drug Topics®, Angela Fusaro MD, MBA, CEO and cofounder of Physician 360, a telemedicine program that connects patients to health care providers, discusses how independent pharmacies can use telemedicine to play an expanded role in patient care.

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Drug Topics® Journal, August 2021 Digital Edition

The August 2021 digital edition of Drug Topics Journal will be available on In this issue, you’ll find articles on flu point-of-care testing and vaccinations, psoriasis management, naloxone counseling, and more.

Read the latest issue of Drug Topics Journal.

Topics in shingles

Two upcoming articles will discuss complications of shingles on the face and the shingles-chickenpox connection.

Learn more about shingles here.

The Latest from Total Pharmacy®: Supplement Use On the Rise Since Pandemic

The results of a recent survey showed that Americans are taking more supplements than before the pandemic.

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