These OTCs are packed with extra ingredients

New over the counter items with unique formulations.

Manufacturers are tripping over each other's feet to offer consumers OTCs with ingredients that are intended to promote good health. At the Food Marketing Institute's Supermarket Pharmacy Conference, held recently in Chicago, several products with "healthy for you" attributes made their debut.

Coca-Cola Co. unleashed Diet Coke Plus, a sparkling, calorie-free beverage that contains niacin (vitamin B3), vitamins B6 and B12, as well as zinc and magnesium.

Coca-Cola also introduced Dasani Plus, a vitamin-enhanced flavored water. Kiwi Strawberry contains vitamins B3, B6, B12, and chromium; Pomegranate Blackberry flavor contains vitamins E, B3, B6, B12, and fiber. Orange Tangerine has vitamin E plus zinc.

Sunsweet showcased PlumSmart Light for Digestive Health. The firm claims the plum juice concentrate is for consumers who follow a low-sugar, low-calorie diet. PlumSmart for Digestive Health Plum Juice Extra with Fiber also premiered, as did PlumSweets, dark chocolate-coated plum bites, which the firm claims provide a double shot of health-boosting antioxidants. Also new is Sunsweet Ones, individually wrapped prunes.

Bartons Confectioners Inc. unveiled a new line of dark chocolates called Heavenly Dark!

Mueller Sports Medicine took the wraps off new flavor combinations in its line of Quench gums that are targeted to kids and athletes: Gum Double Raspberry and Strawberry/Watermelon.

New formulations
Airborne Inc. is taking the wraps off Airborne Seasonal Relief dietary supplement. Available in Citrus Blend, the item is intended to promote normal histamine levels in a natural herbal non-drowsy formula.

McNeil Nutritionals is premiering vanilla-flavored Viactiv Flavor Glides Calcium Supplements with vitamins D & K. McNeil is also rolling out Viactiv for Teens.


Bayer HealthCare is trotting out Bayer Nutritional Science line of nutritional supplements. These include a Daily Multivitamin formula; Heart Vitality; Vital & Sharp Mind; Eye Health & Vitality; and Joint & Bone Vitality.

Schering-Plough is unleashing prescription-strength MiraLAX soluble powder laxative. The active ingredient is polyethylene glycol 3350.

Imodium A-D EZ Chews is debuting from McNeil Consumer Healthcare. They are formulated to dissolve immediately to provide fast relief from diarrhea.

Dr. Fresh is introducing StarFly Flashing Soap for children six and up. Pressing the starfish activates yellow and blue lights, which blink for fifteen seconds. The soap is recommended for children six and up.

St. Ives Laboratories is making available Health Brilliance line of skin care products. The collection includes Brighten & Glow body polish with natural sugar crystals and olive oil ester; Renew & Glow age-defying complex with green tea and antioxidants; Firm & Glow moisturizer with caffeine and ginseng, and Protect and Glow moisturizer with natural shea butter.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies is offering Melt Away Stress, a line that includes Body Lotion, 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash, and Massaging Moisturizer. The company claims the moisturizer is clinically shown to reduce tension in four out of five women.

Novartis is trotting out Benefiber Plus, a fiber supplement with B vitamins and folic acid. It is available in a powder and caplets.

Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief Cooling Lotion and Castiva Warming Lotion are debuting from Castiva Brands. Both items have a castor oil base. The cooling product contains menthol and methyl salicylate. The warming lotion contains capsaicin.

Schick is rolling out Intuition Plus, a women's razor enriched with shea butter, milk, and honey. Women can lather, shave, and replenish the skin's natural moisture in one step.