These OTC/HBC brands rang up the highest sales in retail outlets last year

IRI provides a list of the top 100 OTC/HBC brands by dollar sales in 2000





These OTC/HBC brands rang up the highest sales in retail outlets last year

What were the top 100 over-the-counter and health and beauty care product brands that generated the most dollar sales in 2000? Here's the pecking order as compiled by Information Resources Inc., a Chicago-based market research and software firm. IRI came up with the data by scanning 11,450 supermarkets, 7,600 drugstores, and 300 mass-merchandisers.

How does IRI define brand? If a product comes in a tablet and liquid form, IRI tracks these as two different entries; they are not aggregated into one single brand. Are your sales similar to this national scoreboard?


Top 100 OTC/HBC Brands in 2000

RankBrandDollar sales (add 000)Change from year ago in %

1. Private-label internal analgesic tablets$636,981,184-3.8%
2. Ultra Slim Fast weight control/nutritionals liq/pwd495,304,57613.2
3. Tylenol internal analgesic tablets479,323,424-9.4
4. Private-label 1- & 2-letter vitamins405,935,168-15.7
5. Private-label mineral supplements395,359,8087. 9
6. Private-label cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets370,227,904-2.2
7. Advil internal analgesic tablets364,565,440-4.1
8. Crest toothpaste327,248,032-5.1
9. Gillette Mach3 refill razor blades323,554,04829.1
10. Nicorette anti-smoking gum/filter/tablets318,440,896-11.3
11. Dove bar soap316,770,4007.2
12. Listerine mouthwash/dental rinse305,180,6083.4
13. Colgate toothpaste304,847,9363.9
14. Tampax tampons264,418,224-5.2
15. Always sanitary napkins/liners248,424,480-4.9
16. Private-label multi-vitamins245,202,720-7.2
17. Private-label adult incontinence products195,770,1768.5
18. Pepcid AC antacid tablets191,245,984-8.9
19. Pantene Pro V shampoo190,208,768-22.2
20. L’Oreal Preference hair coloring187,168,80014.1
21. Depend adult incontinence products186,145,344-0.7
22. Kotex sanitary napkins/liners178,922,78411.9
23. Aleve internal analgesic tablets177,029,53615.2
24. Playtex gentle glide tampons172,172,6725.3
25. Nicoderm CQ anti-smoking gum/filter/tablets167,307,392-20.5
26. Private-label moist towelettes167,186,2722.3
27. Dial bar soap167,166,544-2.0
28. Always Ultra sanitary napkins/liners165,668,224-5.5
29. Private-label antacid tablets163,982,81629.9
30. Stayfree sanitary napkins/liners156,639,4567.7
31. Ensure weight control/nutritionals liq/pwd155,725,9204.7
32. Private-label feminine hygiene/medicinal treatments153,257,76014.1
33. Goody hair accessories152,732,992-14.6
34. Private-label cotton balls/cotton swabs146,994,4321.5
35. Huggies Natural Care moist towelettes145,872,16016.7
36. Scunci hair accessories145,613,88854.1
37. Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo144,331,0085.1
38. Aquafresh toothpaste143,658,464-4.0
39. Private-label cold/allergy/sinus liquid/powder139,793,392-5. 0
40. Right Guard sport deodorants139,685,600-12.3
41. Benadryl cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets139,321,4086.2
42. Private-label first-aid ointments/antiseptics137,716,3200.3
43. Degree deodorants137,697,120-6.5
44. Bayer internal analgesic tablets137,153,1361.4
45. Centrum multi-vitamins135,063,1681.9
46. Private-label mouthwash/dental rinse133,954,1440.3
47. Lever 2000 bar soap130,669,376-4.0
48. Vaseline Intensive Care hand & body lotion130,551,760-0.7
49. L’Oreal Excellence hair coloring129,460,16013.2
50. Zantac 75 antacid tablets128,512,864-18.9
51. Private-label sanitary napkins/liners$126,712,992-0.3
52. Private-label laxative tablets126,586,5285.6
53. Q Tips cotton balls/cotton swabs125,832,8483.2
54. Clairol Nice ’n Easy hair coloring125,526,4880.4
55. Mennen speed stick deodorants122,927,2161.5
56. Depend Poise adult incontinence products121,108,8729.4
57. Scope mouthwash/dental rinse119,293,4645.8
58. Centrum silver multi-vitamins119,273,37612.3
59. Gillette Sensor Excel refill razor blades119,255,608-6.8
60. Tylenol PM internal analgesic tablets119,047,704-6.9
61. Dr. Scholl foot care devices119,017,392-1.2
62. Osteo Bi Flex mineral supplements118,725,95220.8
63. Nature Made 1 & 2 letter vitamins118,434,024-15.1
64. Halls cough/sore throat drop116,130,912-8.3
65. Crest multicare toothpaste115,013,91217.3
66. L’Oreal Feria hair coloring114,387,10413.5
67. Private-label anti-smoking gum/filter/tablets114,211,936666.0
68. Gillette Sensor refill razor blades113,782,248-9.9
69. Metamucil laxative/stimulant liquids/powders/oils110,757,600-7.2
70. Private-label eye/lens care solutions110,648,8487.7
71. Braun Oral B dental accessories/tools110,092,9848.8
72. Excedrin internal analgesic tablets109,957,664-8.0
73. Edge shaving cream106,708,0403.0
74. Dial liquid soap106,541,92830.8
75. Vicks Nyquil cold/allergy/sinus liquid/powder104,851,672-7.9
76. Mentadent toothpaste104,058,512-17.0
77. Softsoap liquid soap103,791,760-11.0
78. Metab-O-Lite weight control candy/tablets103,676,064330.3
79. Irish Spring bar soap103,316,1845.8
80. Band-Aid first-aid—tape/bandage/gauze/cotton101,166,144-6.5
81. Pantene Pro V hair conditioner/creme rinse100,932,512-28.3
82. Fixodent denture adhesives99,056,0963.4
83. Secret deodorants98,186,640-18.1
84. Sundown herbals mineral supplements96,992,944-14.3
85. Cover girl clean facial makeup95,733,6405.0
86. Tums Ex antacid tablets95,711,760-3.9
87. Ensure Plus weight control/nutritionals liq/pwd94,912,160-0.6
88. Pampers Baby Fresh One Ups moist towelettes93,377,904NA
89. Skintimate shaving cream93,059,64021.4
90. Alka Seltzer Plus cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets91,285,000-23.4
91. Motrin IB internal analgesic tablets90,110,792-10.0
92. Head & Shoulders shampoo89,484,792-2.4
93. Bausch & Lomb Renu Multiplus eye/lens care solutions89,265,920


94. Colgate Total toothpaste89,190,560-20.3
95. Caress bar soap88,569,384-2.5
96. Kotex Security tampons87,499,2165.8
97. Johnson & Johnson first-aid—tape/bandage/gauze/cotton85,896,480


98. Schick Slim Twin disposable razors85,228,4009.6
99. Private-label nasal spray/drops/inhaler84,904,2962.0
100. Tylenol internal analgesic liquids84,663,416-6.2


These OTC/HBC brands rang up the highest sales in retail outlets last year. Drug Topics 2001;7:45.