Therapeutic hand and body lotions: Here's the rub


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Therapeutic hand and body lotions: Here's the rub

Sales in the hand and body lotion category increased during the 52 weeks ending Dec. 31, 2000, according to Information Resources Inc., Chicago. Total dollar sales reached $1 billion, an increase of 5.2%. Drugstore sales reached $332 million, up 2.8%. Food stores' sales totaled $262 million, a 3.9% hike. Mass-merchandisers' sales rose 7.8% to $459 million.

Total unit sales in the hand and body lotions category increased across outlets by 3.5% to 283 million during the 52-week period. Drugstores captured unit sales of 77 million, a rise of 1.2%. Food stores' unit sales came in at 69 million, a drop of 0.4%. Mass-merchandisers had unit sales of 137 million, up 7.1%.

Vaseline Intensive Care's dollar sales totaled $130 million, a decline of 0.9%. Jergens' sales reached $78 million, an increase of 4.3%. Nivea tallied sales of $62 million, a jump of 13.3%. Lubriderm's sales came to $61 million, up 0.4%. Curel's sales were $54 million, a jump of 6.3%. Suave's sales were $52 million, a decline of 9%. Eucerin's sales amounted to $48 million, a hike of 10.5%. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula's sales came to $31 million, up 14.5%. Keri's sales rose 24.1% to $30 million. Private labels tallied sales of $62 million, a rise of 4.4%.

Vaseline Intensive Care's unit sales rose 2.0% to 40 million. Jergens' unit sales totaled 26 million, up 1%. Nivea's unit sales climbed 8% to 11 million. Lubriderm's unit sales dropped 2.5% to 13 million. Curel's unit sales totaled 10 million, up 1%. Suave's unit sales were 28 million, a decline of 7.9%. Eucerin's unit sales rose 11.8% to 6 million. Unit sales of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula rose 12.5%; they were 7 million. Keri's unit sales were 5 million, an increase of 7%. Private-label products garnered unit sales of 24 million, up 2.1%.


Total dollar sales: $1 billion, up 5.2%


$262 million, up 3.9%
(24.8 % of market)



Hand and body lotions total unit sales in drugstores, food stores, and mass-merchandisers for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 31, 2000

Total unit sales: 283 million, up 3.5%


69 million, down 0.4%
(27.5 % of market)


137 million, up 7.1%
(48.2% of market)



Sandra Levy. Therapeutic hand and body lotions: Here's the rub.

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