The Power of Analytics for Pharmacy Service Marketing


How many different ways can analytics assist your pharmacy? More than you may think. Mehrdad Hariri, RPh, CPh, MBA presented a session at July's Total Pharmacy Solution Summit on all the ways you can leverage those data for success.

"Technology and data are becoming the norm in any industry, especially pharmaceutical, where we have a huge amount of data all around us-now, we have to use that data... to build a better business," said Mehrdad Hariri, RPh, CPh, MBA, the president and CEO of RxConnection, at July's Total Pharmacy Solution Summit.

From descriptive analytics, to diagnostic analytics, to predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics, there are numerous approaches to incorporating advanced data in your pharmacy.

Some types help you look backwards and learn from the past, some help you look forward into the future of your pharmacy, and some assist you in the present day.

Watch the video above to see the entire session from July's TPSS.

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