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Anthem Prescriptions, the PBM for the WellPoint POS system to enroll dual eligibles in Part D, has updated its payer sheet and frequently-asked-questions section on its Web site. The information is at Click on the "Online Services for Providers" link to see the payer sheet, FAQs, and other communications.

Central planning

More than 700 chain drugstores are using PDX-Rx central patient record technology, the first commercially available application in mass production for retail pharmacy, according to the Fort Worth pharmacy technology firm. Another 2,700 stores are expected to go live by the end of the year. Version 1 of the Enterprise Pharmacy System allows the chainwide exchange of demographic, clinical, and transaction data. Pharmacies can conduct DUR chainwide, and patients can fill and refill scripts at any pharmacy in the chain. They can also view their medication profile for all scripts filled by the chain through the e-Pharmacy Web engine. For more information, e-mail
or go to


ASHP has agreed to integrate the AHFS therapeutic classification system with Script IQ's NDC-11 U.S. Drug Database to create a robust transactional pharmacy informatics solution. The combined database will be licensed to a wide range of entities for use in formulary management, hospital information systems, handheld reference tools, electronic medical records, and e-prescribing applications. The first implementation is an on-demand solution for Medicare Part D compliance, formulary management, publishing, and distribution. For licensing information, contact ASHP's Peter Cerretani at (301) 664-8705 or Script IQ's Rod Hoffman at (206) 372-6969.

Special delivery

A bridge for sale

Wolters Kluwer Health has released its Medi-Span Drug Information Bridge Application Programming Interface version 3.1. The new iteration puts more emphasis on patient safety by eliminating dangerous abbreviations and adding Tall Man drug names. Potential customers include retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, home healthcare providers, hospitals, claims processors, and drug companies. For more information, go to

Cell mates

OnTimeRx Medication Reminders has added OnCellRx, a Web-based subscriber service to send unlimited e-mail alerts to a smart phone, Treo, Blackberry, or desktop. There's also a new subscription service offering text-to-speech medication reminders for any cell phone or land line phone, according to company president Susan Torrico, R.Ph. The Web sites are at and

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