Technologies tackle drug-error problems


While technology solutions to help flag potential drug-drug interaction problems have been around for years, they are becoming increasingly powerful and refined. One such resource developed by NeoFax tackles the problem by focusing on two specific areas where many errors take place: neonatal drug dosing and parenteral nutritional ordering. The NeoFax WebApp is a browser-based software application that provides up-to-date information as well as customizable tools.

Voice-response system is truly interactive

On-line drug comparison tool

Harvard Medical School recently honored BlueCross Blue Shield of South Carolina (BCBSSC) for its My Pharmacy Manager on-line tool. The tool helps plan members research prescription drug plan coverage, pharmacy prices, and suggests generic alternatives. According to BCBSSC, generic use rose 12% for users of the plan.

Providing patients with better information

A recent report from JupiterResearch contends that as more healthcare costs and responsibilities are shifted to patients, demand will rise for on-line health-related media and information. That transition is already under way in Oklahoma where doctors are writing information therapy prescriptions (Ix) under a program created by Healthwise and Medincentive. There are more than 5,000 different Healthwise topics that can be accessed on-line. Progress is tracked on-line, and both the physician and the patients are paid in the "pay for performance" program. For more details visit the companies on-line at and

Medication adherence tested

Claricode has developed a new medication adherence system for Partners Telemedicine that will be used in a new study. The Claricode software will allow SIMpill Smart Pillboxes to talk with Ambient Devices' Ambient Orbs to help patients know when to take their medications. The orb is a small frosted globe that can be set to glow different colors based on preprogrammed criteria. In the study, the orbs will be programmed to turn red when it is time to take medication. Once the medication has been taken, the Smart Pillbox will communicate with the orb and the color will change from red to green. For more information, visit

Records in a flash

Patients who want to ensure that their electronic medical records are readily available can now rest easier, thanks to the Portable Health Profile system that went on sale this summer. Patients can load all their records on a 32 MG USB flash drive for only $49.95, including emergency contact information-medical histories, among other data. Information on the product is available at

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