Some of the best Drug Topics covers ever


Which one is your all-time favorite?

This year, Drug Topics celebrates its 160th anniversary. In that time, the magazine has gone from a tabloid, to a small digest, to a standard-sized newsmagazine. As a part of our anniversary observance, we will periodically examine past pharmacy issues, trends, and newsmakers, as best seen through our archives.

Undoubtedly, many of the covers below existed prior to your enrollment in pharmacy school, your struggle to repay student loans, or even before you’d ever heard the word pharmacist. Still, much can be learned from where the industry has been. How many of these covers do you remember?


                                                                                          January 1926


                                                                                         December 1972



                                                                                          October 2004



                                                                                       November 2003




                                                                                             November 1929




                                                                                        January 1992




                                                                                             May 2004




October 1972








September 2000




March 1997



February 1973









                                                                                                                                             May 1999






                                                                                               May 2003




October 1975





                                                                                                 April 1977



                                                                                      August 2001





                                                                                        March 1982




                                                                                      February 1987





April 1986







                                                                                                  November 1999




                                                                                              June 1996




                                                                                             August 1994



                                                                                               June 1987

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