Small Doses: March 25 to March 29


Check out a recap of important pharmacy news you might’ve missed this week, dispensed in small doses.

Public Health Group Warns of Homemade Pharmaceuticals For Sale Online

The Partnership for Safe Medicines has raised concerns about the sale of unregulated pharmaceuticals on Etsy, highlighting the serious public health threat posed by these products.

Etsy homepage / IB Photography -

Etsy homepage / IB Photography -

A research team identified several categories of concern, including do-it-yourself injectables, miscellaneous supplies, unapproved foreign medications, and raw chemicals and precursors.

Supreme Court Considers Mifepristone Limits in First Case Since Dobbs

This week, a divided America watched as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding whether to reinstate restrictions on accessing mifepristone, an essential drug used in medication abortion.

Despite the result of its 2022 decision, the Supreme Court seems likely to maintain access to mifepristone. It will make a ruling in June 2024.

FDA Warns Consumers About Unapproved, Misbranded OTC Analgesic Products

The FDA has issued warning letters to 6 companies that are marketing unapproved, misbranded OTC analgesic products.

These products are marketed for topical use to relieve pain before, during, or after certain cosmetic procedures including microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, tattooing, and piercing.

New OTC Colon Cancer Test Makes Screening More Accessible, Affordable

Drug Topics sat down with Jeffrey Reese, president at Reese Pharmaceutical, to talk about the importance of colorectal cancer screening, what sets ColoTest apart from other at-home tests, and how it can help reach underserved communities.

ColoTest aims to address the significant impact of colorectal cancer as a leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

FDA Expands Tenofovir Alafenamide Indication to Treat HBV in Patients as Young as 6

The FDA has approved a supplemental new drug application from Gilead Sciences for tenofovir alafenamide (Vemlidy) to treat chronic hepatitis B virus infection in pediatric patients 6 years of age and older with compensated liver disease who weigh at least 25 kg

Data from the phase 2 Trial 1092 (NCT02932150) study demonstrated that the drug induced progressive increases in the rates of virological suppression in children and adolescents.

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