SingleCare Announces New Home Delivery Service To Improve Access to Drugs


SingleCare, in partnership with GeniusRx, launched the delivery service with the goal of improving access to and affordability of popular medications.

Delivery of medications

Free prescription savings service SingleCare announced its newest delivery service, launched in partnership with GeniusRx, that will “help millions of people across America access lower cost prescriptions without having to leave home,” according to the news release.

SingleCare’s partnership with GeniusRx will offer discounts on an estimated 4000 of the most often filled medications in the US and free delivery to all 50 states with an average 2 to 3 day delivery time.

The partnership will also connect pharmacists with patients through access to a customer support hotline, which will allow pharmacists to address any questions regarding medications.

SingleCare is offering marketing-leading pricing, effectively enabling “more people in the US to have convenient access to prescription medicines at the lowest prices” with savings up to 85% on hundreds of drugs with “exclusive, industry-low prices when they choose the delivery option,” according to the news release.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has compounded the issues of medication affordability and accessibility in the United States. The delivery service aims to alleviate some of these challenges by allowing customers to fill their prescriptions where customers are––and amid the pandemic, that’s at home.

“Our new delivery service is a game changer for millions of people who either struggle to access their medications at the pharmacy or simply prefer the convenience of receiving them at their doorsteps,” said Rick Bates, founder and CEO of SingleCare.

“We’re not only enhancing access, we’re improving the affordability of prescriptions with our market-leading pricing that will help millions more across the country with adherence to critical medications that keep them healthy,” he added.


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