ScriptPro takes home another Best in KLAS Award



For the second year in a row, ScriptPro’s Central Pharmacy Management System has won a Best in KLAS Award in the Software Solutions-Pharmacy-Outpatient (Retail) category.

KLAS, a healthcare IT research firm, determines and rewards the top-performing software and services vendors based on the opinions of customers who actually use the software providers, products, and services being evaluated.

“Providers recognize the critical nature that vendors play in improving healthcare delivery,” said Adam Gale, KLAS president. “Thus, a growing number of providers are weighing in on vendor performance. It speaks volumes that providers want to be heard and be counted. And vendors are listening.”

Mike Coughlin, president and CEO of ScriptPro said, “We really value the KLAS ratings. They give us objective information on how we’re doing from the perspective of our customers. They also help focus the attention of our team on the all-important mission of continuously improving, and providing products and services that we can all be proud of.”

ScriptPro develops, provides, and supports state-of-the-art, robotics-based management, workflow, and telepharmacy systems for pharmacies. Based in Mission, Kan., the company provides automation to thousands of pharmacies worldwide.




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