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As researchers, we recognize that certain natural oils may repel insects for short periods of time. However, given the threat of serious illness, we do not see relying on unregulated ower oils as adequate protection for our families or yours. Ranger Ready Repellents are registered with the EPA, whereas many natural oils are not. The CDC recommends using an insect repellent the EPA has evaluated and approved for its effectiveness and human safety. Picaridin is the safest, most effective alternative to DEET and Permethrin.

Now there is a real DEET alternative offering a broader range of proven protection and more hours of bite- free activity that is both CDC-recommended and EPA- registered. With premium, wearable scents and our clean, non-greasy formula, we believe Ranger Ready is the best insect repellent available. Nothing else comes close in providing safe, 12-hour protection.


Picaridin is a synthetic compound derived from the natural compound piperine, found in the group of plants used to produce black pepper. It was developed in the 1980s by German scientists looking for a safer, yet equally effective alternative to DEET.


Nothing comes close. Ranger Ready with Picaridin 20% repels mosquitos and ticks for 12 hours, while repelling biting les, chiggers, gnats, sand les and No-See-Ums for 8 hours. So, you’re protected from vector-borne diseases like Lyme, West Nile, Powassan, and Zika viruses.


Absolutely. Picaridin is a CDC-recommended insect repellent and registered with the EPA. DEET is a neurotoxin that gets absorbed into the body when applied to the skin. DEET is also a plasticizer, capable of eating through rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, rayon, spandex, elastic and auto paint.


The CDC recommends the use of repellents containing 20% Picaridin for long-lasting protection and named Picaridin 20% the most effective overall repellent.


Aerosol spray cans require propellants to work effectively. That also means, 20% of what goes onto your skin is butane, propane or isobutane. There is absolutely no reason these harsh chemicals should ever come in contact with your skin. Plus, tons of aerosol repellent cans end up in land lls.

All Ranger Ready Repellents feature an aerosol-free, pump spray that works when held upside down, and a plastic bottle that is 100% recyclable. And, if you don’t nish the bottle right away, the repellent will be good for at least two years.


We created Ranger Ready Repellents to protect our families and future generations from serious diseases caused by tick and mosquito bites. Our mission is to reduce the steep and persistent rise of vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, West Nile and Zika virus. Our vision is that when presented with a better body worn repellent that isn’t greasy, smelly and mixed with aerosol, that people will start taking personal protective measures to reduce their unnecessary exposure to tick and mosquito bites.


Ranger Ready was invented in South Norwalk, just 50 miles down the coast from Lyme, CT, the epicenter of tick- borne diseases. The risk of Lyme Disease and other illness has migrated well beyond our home state, becoming

a nationwide problem. Areas from New York to Massachusetts have been declared tick-borne disease hot zones. Knowing the realities of the impending threat, we set out to improve how our families are protected from the “tick menace” and the encroaching threat of other insect-borne illnesses, such as Powassan Virus, West Nile and Zika. After just over a year of research, product development, and testing, Ranger Ready Repellent with Picaridin 20% gave us the tool to protect future generations.

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