Pharmacy business apps can boost profits


A round-up of apps that can improve the pharmacy bottom line and help with patient care

Applications or "apps" for tablets can be divided into three major categories: patient education, clinical practice, and business organization.

"How to use apps to make your pharmacy more technology-savvy" [Chains & Business, March 15], focused on the educational and clinical apps used in patient care. This article will help the community pharmacist make better use of business-enhancing apps that can help improve the bottom line.

By making processes easier, technology can enhance workflow and improve inventory turnover, which can have a positive effect on business costs. Of course, adopting a new technology involves expense, and it takes time to become familiar with its use. However, while the initial cost may seem daunting, the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term costs.

Often, too, a pharmacist does not need the newest, greatest technological gadget. The previous edition probably works just as well, and won't carry with it the inflated cost of the newest release.

After purchasing a tablet, the user must put that technology into practice. The best way to implement a new technology is to empower employees who have a passion for technology and give them the tools to excel.

Those tools include apps. Sometimes an app is considered business-focused not because of its innate design, but because it can improve the way an organization functions.

Business organization apps can be divided into marketing and administrative uses.

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