Pharmacists Busted for Prying into Prince’s Medical Records


Three pharmacists were caught trying to access the deceased star’s records just days after his death.

Several Indiana pharmacists have been reprimanded by the state pharmacy board after trying to access the medical records for the late musician Prince.

Within days of the Minneapolis-based singer’s death, the pharmacists tried to access his medical records via Indiana’s online INSPECT database, according to the Indiana Board of Pharmacy. Prince died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. The database allows physicians and pharmacists to check patients’ controlled substances prescription histories.

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The pharmacists typed in Prince's legal name-Prince Nelson-and birthdate, and then attempted to generate a report. However, the system requires them to add information on what medical or pharmaceutical treatment was being provided for the patient or to evaluate the need for medical or pharmaceutical treatment, at which point they were stopped from going further.

The pharmacists who were sanctioned had not previously treated Prince, so they were not allowed to search his medication history, according to the board.

As a result, the board reprimanded Katrina A. Kalb, RPh, a pharmacy manager for Marsh Supermarkets in Indianapolis; Kimberly M. Henson, RPh, who works in Selma, IN; and Michael Eltzroth, RPh, who works in Crown Point, IN.

Henson was fined $1,000 and ordered to complete 12 hours of ethics education for trying to access Prince’s medical records twice. Eltzroth was also fined $1,000 and was ordered to complete 12 hours of ethics education for a single try at accessing the records.

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In Kalb’s settlement with the board, she was ordered to complete 12 hours each of ethics education and community service, but did not receive a fine.

Drug Topics requested additional comments on the infractions. Meredith A. Lizza, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs for the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency said: “The board speaks directly through its adjudicative action, and does not issue press releases or statements regarding actions handed down by the board.”

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