Paliperidone and Clindamycin Recalls


Two drugs, paliperidone extended-release tablets 3 mg and clindamycin injection USP ADD-Vantage Vials, have been voluntarily recalled by their respective makers.

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. initiated the recall of paliperidone that was distributed under the Actavis Pharma Inc. label. The recall is due to the tablets failing a dissolution test, potentially leading to less of the drugs being absorbed. If two or more doses of an affected product are taken, it could reduce the effectiveness of the drug. According to Teva, the chances of taking two or more consecutive doses of the affected product are low, and there have been no reports of lower effectiveness. The recall affects one lot.

Alvogen issued the recall for clindamycin. The drug is manufactured by Alvogen by Hospira. Inc., a Pfizer Company. The recall is due to a microbial growth detected in a simulation of the manufacturing process which could lead to microorganisms in the drug. Alvogen said that it has not received any adverse reaction reports related to the product. The recall affects seven lots, and affects drugs distributed between May 2016 and June 2017.

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