NovoSeven RT is FDA approved and can be stored at room termperature


Recombinant coagulation Factor VIIa is reformulated to allow for room temperature storage for up to two years.

NovoSeven RT, from Novo Nordisk, recently received Food & Drug Administration approval. The new formulation of NovoSeven Coagulation Factor VIIa (recombinant) contains both sucrose and l-methionine, which allow the new product to be stored at room temperature. Specifically, NovoSeven RT can be stored at up to 81 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as two years. According to the manufacturer, the change will be helpful for medical facilities with limited refrigerator space. The new product will share the same indications as its predecessor-the treatment of bleeding and prevention of surgical bleeding in patients with hemophilia A or B who have neutralizing antibodies against Factors VIII or IX or have congenital Factor VII deficiency, and the prevention of surgical bleeding in patients with acquired hemophilia. The original formula required storage between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

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