News Roundup: November 14 to November 18


Your weekly roundup of the latest news from Drug Topics®.

The Implications of Opioid Use in Treating Cancer-Related Pain

As the main course of treatment for cancer-related pain, the use of opioids comes with a number of issues for both patients and prescribers.

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Moderna’s BA.4/BA.5 Targeting Bivalent Boosters Superior to Booster Dose of Standard mRNA Vaccine

Compared to the original mRNA-1273 booster dose, the bivalent booster mRNA -1273.222 was superior against Omicron variants.

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Time To First Prescription Fill at Health System, External Pharmacies Reviewed

Timing of treatment initiation is crucial for patients with cancer.

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Severe Asthma Clinical Outcomes Worsen After Stopping or Changing Biologics

Findings from research presented at the American College of Chest Physicians suggest the importance of selecting the right biologic from the start.

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Vaccine Confidence Decreased Significantly During Pandemic

Confidence in vaccines is lower post-pandemic across all demographic groups.

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