News Roundup: May 30 to June 3


Your weekly roundup of the latest news from Drug Topics®.

NCPA Announces Support for Bipartisan PBM Transparency Bill

The bill allows state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission the ability to initiate legal action against certain PBM business practices.

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Is Cephalexin Dosing for Uncomplicated UTIs in the ED Appropriate?

While antibiotic dosing was correct, therapy duration was frequently inappropriate.

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The Need for Patient-Specific Medication Optimization Systems

Medication decision support tools focused on individual patients can help pharmacists effectively analyze risk of unintended harm, identify and assess potential interventions, and facilitate longitudinal care.

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No Association Between mRNA COVID-19 and Herpes Zoster Identified

Study investigators hope these results are reassuring.

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Naloxone Infusion Therapy for Opioid, Clonidine Ingestion in Children

Current data about naloxone use in pediatric populations is extrapolated from adult studies.

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