News Roundup: July 10 to July 16


Your weekly roundup of the latest news from Drug Topics®.

AI Streamlines Pharmacy Workflow

Artificial intelligence can be a key tool for streamlining pharmacy workflows.

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NJ Governor Phil Murphy Signs PBM, Drug Price Legislation

Three new bills signed Monday will require PBMs to use prescription drug rebates to lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs for consumers and prevent the practice of spread pricing.

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Many Patients With COPD Have Poor Adherence to Long-Acting Inhalers

Researchers encourage physicians to personalize care plans to ensure that more patients adhere to their inhalers.

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Study Explores Link Between Chronic Viral Infections and Long COVID

Underlying HIV infection was independently associated with neurocognitive long COVID symptoms.

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Can Post-Exposure Doxycycline Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections?

A study examined STI rates following doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis to see if it could reduce infection rates.

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