Newleaf Software to Enhance Pharmacy Management


Keycentrix has released Newleaf pharmacy software features aimed at greatly enhancing pharmacy operations and patient engagement.

Keycentrix has announced the addition of 3 brand-new, value-adding features to its Newleaf pharmacy software. The company is the first to offer this collection of features to independent retail and specialty pharmacies.

Keycentrix detailed these new features in a company press release: Real-Time Prescription Benefit, powered by Surescripts; ScriptDrop medication delivery solution; and Telepharmacy by keycentrix™.

“Keycentrix continually looks to provide features and functionality that help pharmacies increase their efficiency, improve their profitability, and better serve their patients,” said Luis Rodriguez, President of Keycentrix. “These features align with what we see working for thriving retail and specialty pharmacies.”

Powered by Surescripts, the Real-Time Prescription Benefit allows pharmacists and staff to access patient-specific cost and coverage information through Newleaf, within seconds. Real-time transactions between the pharmacy and PBM delivery patient-specific information and alternative, cost-effective therapeutic options.

This allows for greater opportunities in patient engagement and therefore satisfaction. In addition, this software may improve medication adherence and operational efficiency.

Another feature is ScriptDrop, a medication delivery solution catering to independent pharmacies nation-wide. Pharmacies can take advantage of various delivery options through Newleaf, such as local courier services and affordable shipping.

Tracking information can be viewed in patient profiles in real- time. For pharmacies, this will lower return-to-stock and foster inventory turnover whilst increasing medication adherence. In addition to shipping services via FedEx, UPS, and USPS, same-day and on-demand delivery options are available.

ScriptDrop has also partnered with Uber to provide more access to patients through delivery services. Uber is the default application for select pharmacies, depending on location.

Finally, Telepharmacy by keycentrix™ is the first telepharmacy feature built natively within a specialty pharmacy management system. This feature empowers pharmacies to connect with pharmacists at other locations where Newleaf is installed, opening up new possibilities for cross-location collaboration when there are no pharmacists onsite or when no onsite pharmacists are available.

“We are committed to helping independent pharmacies succeed and grow,” added Rodriguez.


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