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Ensuring your pharmacy’s video marketing dusts the competition has never been more important.

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With more than a billion users on YouTube now, according to the company’s statistics page, ensuring your pharmacy’s video marketing dusts the competition has never been more important.

Michael Miller, author of “YouTube for Business,” agrees: “This represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities in a long time. If you’ve never visited the YouTube website, you’ve missed out on the hottest thing on the internet today.”

Alex Anderson, general manager of Oswald’s Pharmacy, is a big believer in the marketing medium. “We try to put out a new video every month or two to engage our followers online,” he says. The pharmacy’s most popular video so far is a how-to for compression socks ( “We also have reels that play in our store featuring our videos made for YouTube, still images of products, and historical images of my family’s history at the store over the past 144 years.”

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Blair Thielemier, PharmD, founder of consultancy network, says “web video should be part of your overall marketing strategy because of its versatility. Pharmacy owners who are doing well with video are doing behind the scenes clips-tip videos-showing off products they recommend, and celebrating special days or community events they’re involved in.

“The biggest thing to remember with any type of video marketing is having a strong call to action. This would be like a free consultation call for a new program you’re launching or joining your pharmacy’s email list,” Thielemier says. 

Fortunately, there has been onslaught of new video marketing tools cropping up on the market, which can ensure your pharmacy will stay a step ahead of the competition when it comes to dazzling current and prospective customers.

Click through the following pages for a representative sampling of some of the newest and most innovative tools:

Wochit, call for pricing

This is a video editing solution with an interesting spin: Simply feed Wochit an article or other piece of text, and it will automatically roam the web to find licensed photos, videos and graphics that go along with that text.

Currently used by a number of global news outlets to quickly generate videos from their articles, Wochit also offers a drag-and-drop canvas you can use to quickly drop in the photos, videos, and other graphics it finds, so you can finish a video in record time.

VideoScribe, $29/month 

Instead of spending hours trying to animate a still image, let VideoScribe do all the animating for you. Indeed, any image you place on its VideoScribe’s canvas is instantly animated. You can finish your video project with other tools in VideoScribe’s arsenal, including voice-over recording, soundtracks, and call-to-action elements.

Microsoft Video Indexer, free

Video Indexer is designed to automatically analyze the video library you’ve put together for your pharmacy and make it instantly searchable.

With Video Indexer, you can use a few keywords to find videos in your video library featuring those words spoken in a video. Plus, you can find images of a certain person, images of two people who have appeared together, etc. 

Vyond, call for pricing

This is a perfect program for pharmacies looking to tell a story with animated characters. Enabling you to create animated videos using simple drag-and-drop tools (think colorforms on steroids), the program can automatically sync narration to go along with the animated characters you pick for your video.

Vyond also has access to tens of thousands of animated images you can use. And it offers you the ability to import your own audio, images, and video.

For an in-depth look on how the program works, check out Vyond’s YouTube Tutorials (

Similar animation products include:, call for pricing

If you’re having trouble getting videos up on Instagram, StoriesAds can help. It’s specifically designed to make producing videos for distribution on Instagram a snap and it is also equipped with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools to streamline the whole experience.

Avid Media Composer | First, free: 


AMC First is the lite version of the already existing-and extremely high-powered video editor-Avid Media Composer. The premium version is a tool regularly used by TV shows and other video producers in Hollywood, but the lite version is still plenty powerful. Essentially, the lite version is designed to enable you to quickly piece together layers of video, dialog, music and sound effects to produce captivating, professional-quality video content for your pharmacy.

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