New regimen data added to Janumet label

Expanded labeling approved for sitagliptin/metformin.

Descriptions of two new regimens for the combination drug Janumet (sitagliptin/metformin) have been added to the drug's label. According to manufacturer Merck & Co., new information has been added that describes using the DPP-4 inhibitor/biguanide combination drug as initial therapy in diabetes patients who are inadequately controlled with diet and exercise alone, and as an add-on therapy to a sulfonylurea when the combination of a sulfonylurea and metformin does not provide adequate glycemic control. According to Merck, the two studies added to the labeling showed that sitagliptin demonstrated similar efficacy to glipizide in patients inadequately controlled on metformin and that Janumet provided significant A1c reductions when added to glimepiride for patients not controlled with a sulfonylurea and metformin.

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