New bar-code scanner simplifies drug ordering


Emerlyn Technology has introduced OneScan, a handheld universal bar-code scanner that simplifies drug product ordering for pharmacists. Used with Emerlyn's SureCost global pharmacy e-procurement system, OneScan can reduce product cost up to 3% by maximizing vendor agreements and contracts in a real-time environment.

Hot stuff

Skyscape has introduced RxPlan, a comprehensive compendium of health plan formularies that includes in excess of 12,000 drugs covered by more than 4,700 plans. Designed for Palm, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile PDAs, as well as Windows PCs and Tablet PCs, RxPlan searches by drug name, class, or clinical system and allows the user to browse drug lists within each formulary. RxPlan costs $4.95 a month. The Web site is at The phone number is (508) 460-6500.

Good scout

Room to spare

PowerFile introduced the Permanent Storage Appliance (PSA), a network-attached data storage system that allows easy retrieval of nonalterable information, such as Rx files. A single system provides up to six terabytes of cache and up to 30 terabytes of usable archive capacity using up to 18 DVD-based robotic libraries. The PSA has a suggested retail price of $11,495 and about $1,700 per terabyte of additional storage capacity. For more information, check out the Web site at, phone 1-(866) 838-3669, or e-mail

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