Natural Products Association comments on MLB's Mitchell Report


Natural Products Association responds to MLB's Mitchell Report

In response to the recently released "Mitchell Report," regarding the illegal use of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances in Major League Baseball, the Natural Products Association issued the following statement: "The Mitchell report lends substantiation and credibility to what we have been saying for a long time: dietary supplements have been a convenient and often unquestioned scapegoat to hide illegal steroid use. The idea that athletes were unwittingly ingesting steroids in the dietary supplements they innocently purchased at a health food store has been exposed as the ridiculous notion it always was. The fact that the performance-enhancing substances purchased in the report needed to be obtained surreptitiously by a third party, typically at a high cost, should have been evidence enough to an athlete that the product was likely to be illegal. Clearly calling such products 'dietary supplements' was an attempt to gain legitimacy and mask their real contents."

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