NACDS launches campaign to stress value of pharmacists


NACDS promotes role of community pharmacy to Presidential candidates

In a precursor to its planned campaign next year, NACDS showcased an open letter Thursday to the Presidential candidates. The letter from NACDS president/CEO Steven C. Anderson, published in the Washington Post, urges the candidates to work with community pharmacists to address chronic disease and help patients take their medications properly. "Pharmacists are exceptionally accessible and convenient healthcare providers," Anderson stated in the letter. "Highly rated in 'integrity' polls, they counsel patients to promote the consistent, proper, and safe use of medication. This role helps to treat illnesses and chronic disease, and prevents heartbreaking and costly emergency and catastrophic care." The letter also describes a report published by NACDS' Value of Pharmacy Committee that was designed to help boost the quality of patient care and develop pharmacist-delivered services that are recognized and valued. The association's letter is part of an overall effort to increase the awareness of community pharmacy's role in the well-being of patients and in the healthcare system. NACDS plans to kick off a formal awareness and educational campaign early next year.

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