NABP deploys PMP InterConnect


NABP has launched an initiative to transfer prescription monitoring program information across state lines

Put another way, states with their own PMP programs in place will now be able to link to those of other states across the entire country. In this way, each authorized user and/or state regulatory agency will have an expanded ability to combat drug diversion and increasing levels of drug abuse through access to the greater information resources available across an extensive multistate database.

PMP InterConnect provides individual state PMPs with greatly enhanced information, enabling physicians and pharmacists to more easily identify patients with problems pertaining to misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, particularly in those instances in which a patient attempts to cross state lines to obtain drugs for abuse or diversion.

Without PMP InterConnect, individual state PMP systems lack the ability to integrate and be interoperable with other states. PMP InterConnect provides states with a newfound ability to engage in data sharing with other states, making it more difficult for drug abusers and diverters to avoid detection.

In short, more readily accessible information in the aggregate will allow for more robust intervention and will aid in the prevention of substance abuse and diversion of controlled substances.

Healthcare providers might not be the only professionals to obtain access to information derived from PMP InterConnect; public servants might be able to make use of it as well. When authorized by state law, law enforcement and regulatory enforcement agencies will be able to obtain information that will help them to quickly identify attempts to illegally divert controlled substances across state lines.

The security system

NABP's PMP InterConnect is maintained on a very secure communications exchange platform that allows for the transmission of PMP data across state lines to authorized users in a secure fashion.

The system also provides safeguards such that each state's data-access rules are fully complied with. Note that PMP InterConnect will not store any data, and the system in no way inhibits the legitimate prescribing or dispensing of prescription drugs.

The program is operational

PMP InterConnect is now fully operational. PMPs in several states have deployed the program to authorized users who now can securely exchange prescription data among participating states.

Not all states have joined the PMP InterConnect network yet. NABP continues to work with other state PMPs to facilitate their participation in PMP InterConnect.

Since March 2012, at least 20 states have agreed to participate in the program and discussions are ongoing with a number of other states. It is expected that all 50 states will soon be on board.

This article is not intended as legal advice and should not be used as such. When legal questions arise, pharmacists should consult with attorneys familiar with the relevant drug and pharmacy laws.

Ned Milenkovich is a member at McDonald Hopkins, LLC, and chairs its drug and pharmacy practice group. He is also Vice-Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy. Contact Ned at 312-642-1480 or at

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