February Month in Review: Top Stories This Month on Drug Topics®


Take a look back at our most popular news from February 2022.

Did you miss the top stories on Drug Topics® this month? Catch up on these noteworthy stories today.

10. When Perfect Is the Enemy of Good

While volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, our columnist learned about the benefit of lightening up.

9. Lean Methodology and Technology Can Support Clinical Services

Rethinking how technology can simplify routine tasks can help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians streamline their days.

8. Efficacy Outcomes of Some Cancer Biosimilars Indistinguishable Vs Reference Product

Findings from a systematic review found little difference in outcomes between biosimilar and reference product treatment options.

7. Practice Update: Treating Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19

Several institutions have published guidance on how to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

6. Review: Vaccine Guidelines for Older Adults

Vaccines are important for everyone, but they’re critical for adults older than 65 years.

5. The Good, The Bad, and the Missed Opportunity of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The billionaire’s first venture into pharmacy launched earlier this year.

4. Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Through Vaccination

For more than 70 years, vaccination has been a public health strategy for disease mitigation. Even in populations often considered “vulnerable”—children and pregnant women—vaccination is strongly recommended and commonly embraced.

3. Ethical, Practical Considerations of Exemptions to Employer Vaccine Mandates for Anxiety

Does anxiety justify an exemption from vaccine mandates among health care workers?

2. Retail Pharmacy Has Reached the Breaking Point

Pharmacy workloads, corporate demands, and customer behavior have stretched an already thin pharmacy workforce to the breaking point.

1. Lose Weight, Gain Health: How Pharmacy-Based Weight Loss Programs Can Fight the Obesity Epidemic
As some of the most accessible health care professionals, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help patients manage their weight

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