Merck gets approval for intravenous antiemetic


Merck extends its Emend line with a new intravenous form

Emend (aprepitant) has now been approved as an injection. Emend (fosaprepitant dimeglumine) for Injection is designed to be used in combination with other antimetics to prevent acute and delayed nausea and vomiting associated with initial and repeat courses of moderately or highly emetogenic cancer chemotherapy, including high-dose cisplatin. Emend for Injection (115 mg) may replace 125 mg oral capsule of Emend on Day 1 and is administered 30 minutes prior to the initiation of chemotherapy over a 15-minute period. This dosage is followed by Emend (80 mg orally) on Days 2 and 3 in a three-day antiemetic regimen, in addition to a corticosteroid and a 5-HT3 antagonist.

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