Manufacturers are putting a new spin on OTCs

December 10, 2007
Sandra Levy

Sandra Levy is Managing Editor-Projects. She covers self care, chains and business, home care, over-the-counter medicines and Rx-to-OTC switches. She joined <i>Drug Topics</i> in 1998.

New over-the-counter formulations

Manufacturers are hurrying to introduce OTCs that have unique or enhanced formulations. Here's a roundup of the latest offerings:

Supplements and vitamins

Centrum Performance has also been reformulated to provide more absorbable forms of key nutrients. Centrum Silver for adults 50 plus contains more vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium to help support immune function.

Skin care

L'Oréal is also debuting Revitalift UV with Mexoryl SX (ecamsule) for UVA protection. The daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen has an SPF of 15. The firm claims the moisturizer's new sun filter provides exceptional protection against the UVA rays that cause skin damage year-round, even through windows and clouds.