Lily's Pharmacy of Johns Creek, A Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Finalist


Jennifer Shannon, owner & pharmacist at Lily's Pharmacy of Johns Creek, shares her story as a finalist for GNP's Pharmacy of the Year.

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I'm Jennifer Shannon, and this is my husband Mike, and we own Lily's Pharmacy.

When we first opened our pharmacy, I don't think we did hardly any social media at all. But then, all of a sudden, COVID opened our eyes and when every pharmacy out there closed their lobbies, all I could think of is, how do I talk to my supporters and patients in the community?

It was through social media. Every day, almost, we made a video just to say hi and check in and "please know we are here for you every single day, please call your emergency line, my cell phone number."

I think that's what keeps people coming back to us, too, is that they feel that sense of connection with our family.

When I couldn't touch my patients physically, that was the best way I could reach them.

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