Letters: June 2010


Pharmacists speak out about personal finance, compounding, and the importance of mentors.

Key Points

Dollars and sense

Todd Gaerke, RPh, MS

I graduated in 2008 and have been working in the same retail store from the day I got licensed. Reading Mike Lahr's "Our dysfunctional family" [May 2010], I saw my entire pharmacy staff. Thank you for this article and for pointing out that these attitudes must be addressed by the leaders. I am glad someone sees it from my perspective. I will hang this page up in the pharmacy for all to read.

Gary Normatov, PharmD

A vote for compounding

I sought out additional training in compounding and developed a relationship with a compounding wholesaler (Medisca) that was wonderfully supportive in everything from formulas to marketing.

I found my niche quite by accident. We are located near one of Western New York's premier children's hospitals, Golisano Children's Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It serves hundreds of children with significant disabilities, many of whom have J-tubes and PEG tubes and cannot tolerate solid dosage forms. Until I started compounding, the only source for their liquid forms was the hospital pharmacy. This required a trip into the city for many, garage parking with fees, and often the transport of physically challenged kids.

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