Letters: January 2011


Pharmacists speak out about dental care, pharmacy associations, and the effects of direct-to-consumer advertising.

Key Points

We need to remind our patients how horribly septic the mouth can be. Maybe we can save some patients unneeded grief if we remind them how important dental care really is - and at the very least, stop putting out candy bowls at the pharmacy counter!"

Matt Curley, PharmD, MSCIS

The concept of separate (electronic) newsletters is long overdue. The differences between community and hospital practices have increased tremendously over the last 10 years. As an experienced community pharmacist, I applaud Drug Topics for recognizing this.

Mark L. Cave, RPh

Editor's note: In December, Drug Topics launched weekly e-newsletters addressing the specific interests of hospital and community pharmacists. To add your e-mail address to either mailing list, go to http://drugtopics.modernmedicine.com/enewssignup/.

Viewpoint opens an eye

I just read David Stanley's Viewpoint column ["Which side are you on?" November 2010]. I am not renewing my membership in APhA this year. Thank you so much for the eye-opener!

Cecilia Rudloff, PharmD

Smile when you say that

APhA's remarks only solidify my reasons for not renewing my membership.

I'm not convinced a union is necessary, but stronger unity wouldn't hurt. I frequently attend a dental society seminar attended by 250-300 dentists. Wow. If you want to see professional interaction with little competitiveness and a goal for the common good, here's a group.

We need to overcome the baggage that keeps us from acting like professionals. And we need to insist that a national association represent the good of the profession.

Dan P. Wearsch, RPh

Stressed and left

"Which side are you on?" is the best commentary I've read in a long time! I completely agree with every word.

I love retail. However, I had to leave because the stress levels were just too high. We are losing wonderful pharmacists every day because of their working conditions.

What a lame answer from APhA! They must serve us better.

Cristi Dacus, PharmD

From DTC to loaded teens

Re: "Got a teenager?" [JP at Large, November 2010]: The generation raising today's teens is a product of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising. They have been taught that there is a pill for everything.

As JP stated, the children of these people are finding the drugs at home. The parents think John or Kate can do no wrong and often accuse the pharmacy of shorting them when the prescription is filled.

We need to revisit the wisdom of DTC advertising. While magazines and television stations would certainly fight such a move, manufacturers should voluntarily limit its scope.

I am glad my boys are in their 30s and I don't have to explain 4-hour erections.

Gus Erickson, RPh

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