Letters: January 2009


Pharmacists speak out about regulation of pharmacy techs and Wal-Mart's invasion of higher education

Key Points

When will these other states get on board with the more than 80 percent of states that have or will soon adopt regulations? When will they realize that the quality of care given to patients depends upon the quality of technicians assisting their pharmacists in today's pharmacy arena?

Richard Phillips, MS, RPh

This is about your article in the November 10 issue ["West Virginia university program welcomes Wal-Mart pharmacy"]. Ed Welch was quoted as saying, "Our students will learn in a real pharmacy how to be a real pharmacist."

I laughed until it hurt. I have been a pharmacist for more than 32 years and I have worked both hospital and retail. It was the people that I worked with, not the company, who taught me and inspired me to be the pharmacist I am today. Wal-Mart may be big, but it is not necessarily right. Wal-Mart may have good pharmacists, but they do not make the best pharmacists. Most that I know are tired from filling $4 scripts. Many independents, hospitals, and other chains also may have great pharmacists. Please do not insult me by saying Wal-Mart and only Wal-Mart makes great pharmacists.

Steve Jenkins, PharmD

I am shocked that anyone would invite Wal-Mart to their university

It is a lot like the mortgage meltdown and the zero-down loan. At some point, someone has to pay the bill.

Randy Armbruster, RPh

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