Latebreakers: New therapy for Paget's disease


Latebreakers: New therapy for Paget?s disease

For the first time in almost 10 years, patients with Paget’s disease will have a new treatment option. Novartishas received word from the FDA that zoledronicacid (Reclast) has been approved for the treatment ofthe condition in both men and women. Specifically, thedrug is indicated for patients with Paget’s disease withelevations in serum alkaline phosphatase of two ormore times the upper limit of age-specific normal,those who are symptomatic, or those at risk for complicationsfrom their disease to induce remission.

Zoledronic acid is given as a single 5-mg, 15-minuteinfusion and usually induces a long-term remission.Specific retreatment data are not yet available; however,a second dose can be considered for patients whohave relapsed, fail to achieve normal serum alkalinephosphatase, or who are symptomatic.

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